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Healthy Places, Healthy People

Healthy Places, Healthy People (HPHP) brings together local coalitions, businesses, non-profits, schools and everyday people to create lasting changes that make it easier for everyone to be healthier.

I was brought onto this project with SUMA Social Marketing as a creative director. Together, we facilitated creative meetings with the client to determine a name and direction of the branding. SUMA is a research-based marketing agency, therefore our work was tested in focus groups and we made real-time iterations as we improved and adjusted the logo design, brochure and website materials. I also managed print bids and production from paper selection to press check. We worked with a translator to provide Spanish text that I typeset into all materials.

Logo Design


Website Ads

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Flyer Design


PHOTOGRAPHY: various stock photos
ROLE: branding + logo design, website design/customized WordPress theme (, brochure and flyer designs, print production and digital project management, social media graphics, email marketing

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