Simple Living Simple Food

by Susan K. Younger

Simple Living Simple Food will nourish your soul. Throughout her 20s, author Susan K. Younger achieved her childhood dream of becoming successful in architecture as a Store Planning Director. But when the vagaries of her career and the economy required hectic moves between 4 states in 4 years, she found herself yearning for the organic life of her childhood.

Remembering the sage advice “be yourself”—learned from her parents over the family dinner table—she revamped her life in an unorthodox and extremely satisfying way.

In her first book, Susan shares her heartfelt stories of the bonds of family, friends, business and life—fueled by the power of simple food.
Those of you over 60, get ready for waves of nostalgia. Young people starting families will find a timeless child-rearing model. Busy professionals will be reminded that a simple lunch is the best relationship-building tool.

And for everyone, it’s a great reminder that small and simple is the comfort food of life.

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