Gardenly Delivery

Gardenly Delivery is my product concept that I explored through a 10 week Product Management course with General Assembly in Spring of 2016. Select the image below to view the presentation.

Select to view the Gardenly Delivery presentation (PDF)

Intrapreneurship Insights

The Insights for Innovation course by IDEO U encourages you to see the world differently, so you can uncover deep insights that help you solve problems in new ways. I participated in this online course in February 2016 and partnered with Wout Barensten. Select the image below to view the presentation. The last page will direct you to a video that Wout created for the project.

Select to view the Intrapreneurship Insights presentation (PDF)

AC4D Bootcamp

Designing for Impact is a two day workshop tackling large-scale humanitarian problems that plague our country and our world. The design process is purposefully applied to issues of poverty, access to clean drinking water, equality of education, and other large problems, and the outcome is a combination of products, services, and systems that are intended to better the human experience.

I participated in the Designing for Impact workshop in March of 2014 and teamed up with two other participants to research the gentrification issue through personal interviews in east Austin and develop a product solution.